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Sent me a watch band I did not order.

The only choices to choose from when I made the order was a black leather strap. What arrived was a silicone band identical to an Apple Watch THAT WASN’T EVEN ON THE LIST OF CHOICES. How do I have a $500 watch with a crappy rubber strap? Not classy at all. I don’t even want to wear the watch because It’s not what I ordered. I paid too much and waited too many months for the order to be wrong.

Leather band for NIWA Lunokhod. Variations. Strap

Smaller than it looks!

Very beautiful was feeling buyers remorse for the price but seeing in real life I can see why it justified it’s price

It's nice!

It matches well with the Stephan's Quintet case.

Unique watch

Excellent watch.
Very rare & unusual.
Gets noticed.
Took time to work out the set up & reading.
Easy now.
Absolutely love it.

Great Service, Excellent Quality

Just recieved my watch a day ago and I'm stunned how well built it is. The beauty of the watch really reflects how it's advertised in person. It's all possible by the great customer service and effort from the Niwa team. Thank you!!!

NIWA Nixie watch V 2.0 -Neptune polished mirror case
David Lopez
I love this Watch

I do Youtube for a living So I wanted to wear a watch that would Make people question what it is It’s definitely a conversation starter. I’ve wanted it to a few events already and everybody loves it. Great quality very happy.

Balance for NIWA Lunokhod Stephan's quintet case.
Matt Woods
Very interesting! In a good way’

This is such a unique timepiece. It gets an enormous amount of attention. More than my Baseball World Series ring. Well, done.


Sparks conversations and everyone is intrigued by it.

NIWA Lunokhod watch balance payment. Neptune case.2
Michael Ulrich
Thank you for this fantastic little work of art.

Everything went quickly and smoothly. Hassle-free communication. The delivery was also super fast. I had the watch I ordered in my hands after just 3 - 4 weeks. And what can I say: I LOVE this watch. In reality, she just looks amazing. Great, many thanks to Den and the NIWA team. Keep up the good work. I wish you continued success.

NIWA Nixie watch V 2.0 -Neptune polished mirror case
Fernando Rios

Love the watch.

NIWA Lunokhod watch balance payment. Neptune case.2
shahram hojati

Very Nice

Long wait

It took a long time to get the watch - bit the wait was worth it.

Awsome looking watch!

Worth the wait!

Very unique.

Great packaging and quality items.

NIWA Lunokhod watch

Bonjour, grand amateur de Nixie, je n'ai pas pu passer la Lunokohd. Très belle montre portable avec ces 39 cm de diamètre et d'une finition exemplaire par rapport au prix. Il est un peux difficile de lire l'heure mais c'est tellement beau à voir; que c'est secondaire. C'est très beau de voir ces petits dot et c'est sans aucun doute, un bel objet à acquérir

Worth the wait

I waited almost a year for it to come and now that it's here all I can say is....worth it. The lights are hypnotic and I find myself looking at then unaware of the time.

Case Carina Nebula
Kenneth Perez

Love the band of great quality

Wrong watch band


Im super glad that I ordered straps from NIWA, price is much lover than quality. I'm really glad that NIWA exists hope to see new stuff from you in future❤❤❤❤😍


First, I collect several kinds of watches.
Second, If a watch does not wow me, I very likely will not buy it or keep it.
Third, the Lunokhod has it all. Titanium case, why? Because they can. Sapphire crystal, why? Because they can. Meteorite, why? Because they can. Options on case colors, why? Because they can. Optional meteorite with the charging dock, why? Because they can. Seeing a theme here?
Fourth, Fit and finish are excellent.
Fifth, Wow.

The tube colors are fantastic. The tilt function needs to be set to at least 75 degrees or more to save the battery and when you do, you'll get 9+ days out of it before having to charge it. They certainly could have gone stainless steel and no meteorite and no style cardboard box for the watch, but they didn't. Buy one, you will be blown away. 😎


Nice watch I like it, shipping and tracking the shipping was a bit scuffed but it came in the end

Balance for NIWA Lunokhod Stephan's quintet case. 1.
Aaron Hancock
Very cool

The watch is light and comfortable (expected as it is titanium). The colours are beautiful (Stephan's quintet). The display is clear to read - but does take some time to learn how to read it (again, expected). I cannot comment on the battery life as I have only just got it.


Excellent comms regarding the order and delivery


Not your every day watch , very unique and takes a little effort to read the time but it’s worth it.