NIWA Lunokhod balance. Stephan's Quintet case.

$555.00 USD

NIWA Lunokhod watch

-Titanium Stephan's quintet case

Dock station with meteorite

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Titanium case. Original Ti burned colour.

Sapphire glass

Comes with  strap for your choice

Splash water resistance

Battery lasts for up to 20 days without charging

Charging takes 3 hours

Diametr-39 mm

Hight-12 mm

- Reduced power consumption hours in standby mode.

- Work up to 100 days in standby mode.

- Disable side lamp with a battery charge less then 20%

- Disable display of all the tubes at a charge of 3% for the long-term preservation of

the operation of the calculation of time.

- Disconnection of the entire system from the battery at a critically low charge to

prevent degradation of the battery (time goes to 00:00)

- When the board is completely disconnected from the battery, for about a month

the battery keeps a safe charge level until the internal controller of the battery

triggers. The entire process from full charge to triggering the internal battery

controller can take 5 months.

- Sleep mode to save battery charge (blocking the time display in any tilt position).


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Lifetime warranty

for parts and labour


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