NIWA Nixie watch V 2.0 -Neptune case

$499.00 USD


-Titanium Neptune (raw) case

- Wireless charging, QI standard

- Carbon fiber back cover

- Reduced power consumption hours in standby mode.

- Work up to 100 days in standby mode.

- Disable side lamps with a battery charge less then 10%

- Disable display of all the tubes at a charge of 3% for the long-term preservation of

the operation of the calculation of time.

- Disconnection of the entire system from the battery at a critically low charge to

prevent degradation of the battery (time goes to 00:00)

- When the board is completely disconnected from the battery, for about a month

the battery keeps a safe charge level until the internal controller of the battery

triggers. The entire process from full charge to triggering the internal battery

controller can take 5 months.

- Sleep mode to save battery charge (blocking the time display in any tilt position).



Titanium raw case. Original Ti colour.

IN-16 tubes, IV-15 side tubes

Sapphire glass

Comes with  strap for your choice

Splash water resistance

Battery lasts for up to 3 month without charging

Charging takes 3 hours

Diametr-50 mm

Hight-17 mm


from $24.90

Lifetime warranty

for parts and labour


positive feedback

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christopher Marchbanks
Very nice Watch!

Watch is very nice and light weight. Worth the money!

john kratz
Amazing watch yo wear and look at

Visually stunning watch that is the focus of everyone’s attention whom sees this on you wrist . Only issue is daytime wearing sometimes hard to see so need shade or cover but at nightime , watch out as it draws attention so you’ll be selling tickets to others viewing it . A very rare watch to found , seen anywhere around you so you’ll stand out and even gaze more than you should at your own watch

Camilo Herrera
Amazing and different

The watch is perfect for a night party or dinner, you can’t quit the eyes on it , the weight is so low

Camilo Herrera

Amazing Experience